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Implemented in 2016, Laura was asked to design 4 key areas and refresh 3 other existing zones in the offices of iseepr in Leeds Dock.

From concept through to project management of the build with Darwin Construction and Feathered Edge Building Contractors.

Laura wanted to bring a warmth to the space, which was largely concrete and plywood. The easy solution for the space would have been industrial but Laura wanted to bring an architectural edge with straight lines and block colours. 


Salami & Co is a dog friendly coffee house in Otley, where Humans and Hounds can kick back and relax together. 

Salami & Co was designed and implemented in 2016 by Laura Wellington. From concept through to project management of the build with Feathered Edge Building Contractors to design and creation of the details. 

Laura wanted to bring something different to Market Place in Otley. A space that was bright, fresh and completely different to the other places in town. A space where the devil was in the detail from the new range of lights Laura designed in collaboration with One We Made Earlier to the custom made dog bowl holders by Duke Studios , upholstery by Leeds Sofa Co and CNC details by Three Create.

Sheaf St Cafeteria was designed and implemented in 2015 by Laura Wellington. From concept through to project management of the build and creation of the details. Working in a Victorian factory setting Laura didnt want to go down the current industrial trend. Taking inspiration from 4 blocks of patterned garden blocks in the yard of Sheaf St, Laura decided to take a more unusual approach to the design of the bar. Laura also created her range of Totem lights for this interior project. Sheaf St Cafeteria is a cafe by day and a speak easy by night. Based in the Up and Coming Southbank of Leeds, Laura sees the space as an ongoing piece of work that will be updated, adapted and refreshed. 

The Conservatory for Duke Studios in Sheaf St was designed and implemented in 2015. Laura wanted to make use of the high walls and the Yarden view ensuring there was a place for Duke Studios vast art collection and bringing greenery into the space. The art collection was indeed vast and differing in context, so Laura decided that grouping the works in colour and faded them through was the best approach. The greeenery in The Conservatory is an ongoing piece of work, so a potting corner was created to add a feature that makes the meeting room user feel that their part of a conservatory but also to act as a work space for pottering. 

Implemented in 2015. Laura was tasked to design the new kitchen for Duke Studios Sheaf St. Laura wanted to design a kitchen that was different from the norm - boxey and feeling like it had fallen from the ceiling. The handles on the doors were belts that were produced in the factory that used to be in the building and the ladder rails are the old bars that were on the windows when Duke first took over the building.  

The kitchen is shared by Duke residents and the Nick Deakin print translates to "Wash Your Dishes".


When Rising Digital moved into Duke Studios Sheaf St. They asked Laura to design their office, they wanted to create big work areas, a central meeting space, a comfortable seating area and a collection of things which represented their brand, not forgetting a home for lots of plants. 

Rising Digital wanted a bright, fresh and friendly space that harked back to its industrial routes. We utilised salvage from the building works and commissioned industrial furniture/fittings to be made. The space is now a great space for their team to work and to hang out with a couple of beers on a Friday afternoon. 


Implemented in 2014. Working in partnership with Enjoy Architecture Laura prepared the design for the new reception and meeting rooms. Gordons wanted a scheme that felt friendly and welcoming, that represented their brand message of "People First, Lawyers second" 10 unique pieces of artwork were produced in collaboration with Passport. Laura also set herself a brief of, where ever possible, to use independent UK designer makers.

The new meeting facilities include 8 person meeting rooms, interview/client booths, 60 person conference & event space and a large video conference room.

Laura then independently went on to produce an internal innovation space for the Gordons staff members, that was produced and built by the team at Duke Studios.

Implemented in Feb 2015. Laura was asked to design a new office space for Cocoon. Cocoon are a fast growing technology company situated in Leeds, their beautifully designed home security device is their flagship product. Taking inspiration from their device Laura wanted to bring a sense of home into their office scheme. Working in partnership with Duke Studios the whole scheme was designed and produced in house. Once again Laura strived to use independent designers for key pieces and purchased artworks from local suppliers. 

In 2014 Laura was asked to design a exhibition stand for the School of Art, Architecture and Design for Leeds Beckett. Laura was given an open brief and decided to create something that definitely wasn't the normal university UCAS stand. Working in partnership with Duke Studios to build the stand and Lotta Scott on the hand lettering, Laura designed a stand that not only was friendly, welcoming, bright and current but functional. With a plethora of hidden storage, display opportunities and attractive lightboxes, the design stand was also easily flat packed and transportable.  

Duke Studios in Munro House was a long term design project for Laura. In collaboration with James Abbott Donnelly and Clinton Sheldon between 2011 and 2014, the team designed and built the whole of Duke on a very limited budget. The space housed a coworking area, desk rental spaces, cardboard studios, meeting rooms, a workshop and a design studio. In 2011 Cardboard studios were completely unique and something that hadnt been seen before. Duke Studios went on to be named 1 of the top ten coworking spaces in the world, received a plethora of praise in publications internationally and was nominated for numerous awards. 

In 2014 Laura was approached by a new social enterprise in Leeds to design their new digital hub. The brief was to create a space to make learning fun, relaxed and comfortable but more importantly to create an environment that sparked imagination. The scheme had to cultivate a culture to progress people into digital and creative industries. The keywords on the brief were Creative, Positive, Open, Dedicated, Effective, Empowering, Trusted and Interactive. The space was to be forward thinking but was also to have a nod to important technological advances of centuries gone by. Working in partnership with Duke Studios, the whole space was designed and implemented by them.