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Welsh creative, currently residing in Leeds, Laura Wellington is a joyful spirit.

An optimistic rebel, positive disruptor, doer, and curious observer of the world (and the people who reside in it)

She is a firm believer in #Peoplepower.

“Nothing changes if you don’t start the conversation.”

Blending the heart of a nanna with the energy of a Welsh dragon, and infusing it all with the vibrancy of a seaside carousel; Laura means business but isn’t mean in business.

Laura's journey began in product design, where she honed her creative skills. From there, she established a thriving coworking space, setting in motion a cascade of (ad)ventures. Seamlessly blending her expertise in interior design with a mindset reminiscent of an exuberant town planner, Laura's dynamic approach adds joy to every project she undertakes.

A socially conscious and ever-evolving human being, Laura prioritises people first. She is the co-founder of The Wunderkind Group with her life partner, James Abbott Donnelly.

The Wunderkind group is responsible for Duke Studios / Sheaf St / Duke Makes / Testbed / In Good Company a set of independent, creative, curious, and civically-minded businesses born in Leeds.


Laura is a firm believer that "No woman is an island."


All of the businesses, projects and designs here are just some of the things that have been led or co-created by her.


If she dreams it, it will take more than just her to make it.


Co-creation, joyful adventures and falling down magical rabbit holes of creation are her forte.


  • Joyful Creativity: Laura brings a sense of joy and creativity to her work. Her projects reflect vibrant energy and a commitment to infusing positivity into every aspect of her design and business endeavours.

  • Inclusive Innovation: Laura is dedicated to fostering innovation that is accessible to various communities. Her projects prioritise diversity, aiming to positively contribute to a wide range of audiences.

  • Passionate Collaboration: Believing strongly in the power of collaboration, Laura actively seeks and encourages partnerships. Her ventures are marked by the spirit of co-creation, where diverse voices come together to shape meaningful outcomes.​

  • Community Engagement: Laura prioritises active engagement with communities. Her businesses are not just physical spaces but hubs for community interaction, fostering connections and contributing to the social and cultural life of Leeds.

  • People-First Approach: Laura places people at the forefront of her initiatives. Her businesses and projects prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of individuals, creating situations that enhance the human experience.

  • Optimistic Leadership: Laura leads with optimism and resilience. Her positive approach to challenges inspires her collaborators and contributes to a can-do culture, where obstacles are viewed as opportunities for growth.

  • Curiosity and Exploration: Laura's curious nature drives her to explore new ideas and perspectives. She actively seeks out opportunities to expand her knowledge and infuse fresh insights into her work.

  • Empowerment Through Conversation: Guided by the belief that "Nothing changes if you don’t start the conversation," Laura values open dialogue. She encourages communication and believes in the power of conversation to drive positive change.

  • Devoted Cheerleader: Laura passionately supports others. Her unwavering focus on fostering growth is evident in actively championing businesses, making recommendations, and dedicating time to mentor and coach.

Kind Words

“Laura is a force of nature. She sees stuff at a scale I can’t imagine and has the tenacity and courage to actually make them happen.

I think in reality she cares deeply about making life better for creative people of all kinds, perhaps to her own detriment.
I’ve been lucky to have her be so supportive of me and I truly value her wisdom."

— Harry 
(Testbed Collaborator)


“A truly selfless and empathic individual with an indomitable spirit and a passion for invigorating communities by activating and actioning arts and cultural programmes which have a positive effect on our communities as a whole.

Laura is a formidable force with an amazing work ethic.
Her inner strength and leadership qualities galvanise those around her and the working environment in positive ways.

On a personal note, Laura wellington embodies my interpretation of kindness”

— Gerald
(Long-time Wunderkind Supporter)
“One of the greatest things about Laura is that she’s always open to exploring new ideas, whatever the obstacles may be, she’s always up for a challenge!

This amazing strength has helped me get over the fear of failure and feel confident in the things I do.

She’s an extremely generous person and has given me amazing opportunities to be creative while also being a super fun person to work with!”

— Charlie
(Work Experience)

"Laura is a standout collaborator.

Laura's aptitude for thought-provoking inquiries mirrors her sharp intellect, fostering lively and intellectually stimulating interactions.

Her ability to balance engaging conversations with a calming demeanour brings a unique and valuable dynamic.

With a keen emotional intelligence, Laura navigates professional landscapes easily, contributing to an environment of inspiration and warmth.

In summary, Laura is a preferred professional companion, bringing care, genuine connection, and intellectual depth to collaborative endeavours."


— Verity

(Testbed Collaborator)

"Laura has been a long-term collaborator and supporter of Lord Whitney.
Over the past 13 years,  we have worked together on numerous projects and events, and I can honestly say we loved every second of the collaboration.
Laura brings a unique skill set to every project and approaches everything in work and life with an absolute joy for design and a deep-rooted love of bringing people together and putting smiles on faces.


She is one of a kind and someone we hope to work with for years to come. 

- Amy 

(Wunderkind Collaborator)

"Describing Laura Wellington succinctly without resorting to the usual adjectives like incredible, inspiring, and resilient is a challenge.

My admiration for her stems from the heart and dedication she invests in emerging areas and creatives to cultivate thriving communities with exciting, ace initiatives.

Witnessing her overcome huge hurdles to earn a well-deserved platform only fuels my anticipation for the ambitious projects that will undoubtedly define her impactful legacy.

Having Laura in my life has truly enriched it with love and passion."

— Ben
(Sheaf St Collaborator)
"Laura Wellington is an epic tour de force.

But only if you want to make places and spaces sing with colour, joy and every last detail is taken care of.
She’s more than capable of dreaming up ambitious, huge-scale master plans and executing them to a brilliant level of perfection and show-stopping, Instagram-able prestige.
From a youthful starting point Laura’s zest, infectiousness and boldness have transformed the city. 
Taking on old spaces and making the entire building an incubator & destination, to carparks, walls, warehouses, billboards & poster campaigns. To our culture. 
There is little Laura can’t transform. 
But what sets her apart is her warmth, generosity and huge expansive invitation to be part of something bigger. Yet she does this by the tiniest, kindest, daily attention to being present and showing up for people. She makes us all want to do better.
Laura defines the Welsh word cwtch in all that she does."

— Emma
(Wunderkind Collaborator)
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