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Creative Kin 

I'm on a mission to connect with Creative Primary Caregivers who have their own practice, own their own business, or navigated a creative role while raising their little ones.


Since my own tiny human arrived in July 2022, I've felt this stirring urge to explore the shared experiences of parenthood with others. I am also witnessing a lot of my peers having to pause or rearrange their work and careers to juggle it all. I know that daily I think that there must be a better way for things to feel slightly easier overall.


I’m not sure why; I have a vision of hearing stories, answering questions, correlating data, and seeing where there might be points of interest and creating something from that. 


I've been wrestling with this feeling, trying to push it aside amidst the chaos of parenthood. But it won't let up.

My mind's been buzzing, but my confidence to begin something has taken a hit, mainly because I'm unsure where these conversations will lead or what I'm even trying to achieve, there isn't a predetermined outcome. 


Will it spark an event? Inspire an Art project? Build a community? Create a piece of Social activism? Create a network? Launch a new business? a Podcast? Create new Systems? I literally have no idea where it will go. But lately, I've had this gut feeling that I need to start somewhere. The trouble is, I'm still figuring out where that starting point is.


So, this is a call out to creative primary caregivers with whom I can chat (with children of any age, in fact, the more range, the better). I think it will start with a set of questions and then who knows where it will lead next for me.


Even if nothing comes of it, I reckon I'll have some great chats, meet some new folks, and listen to some stories along the way, which sounds like a great time.

Please sign up below for the next update and if you have anything you would like to chat about further then drop me a message on my contact form.

Creative Arrangment

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