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Posters for the People

International campaign 

In 2020, a heartfelt initiative was born at Laura Wellington's kitchen table, sparking a collaborative venture with FYI that would resonate globally - "Posters for the People." What began as a simple expression of gratitude towards the frontline workers in Leeds blossomed into a people-powered movement, extending its reach to honour those who kept our worlds running as we collectively stayed indoors.

The project unfolded across two impactful series, engaging the talents of 28 dedicated artists. Each poster became a brushstroke on a canvas of appreciation, telling stories of resilience, sacrifice, and unity during challenging times all whilst raising money for charity. 

Beyond its origins as a thank-you gesture, Posters for the People evolved into a powerful medium for addressing global issues. The posters transformed into calls to action, amplifying voices and shedding light on the crucial challenges faced by the world. From local tributes to international solidarity, the project became a testament to the strength of community and the ability of art to inspire change.

Posters for the People adorned walls and stirred hearts, embodying the spirit of gratitude and resilience that defined an era. As the world navigated uncertainties, these posters served as beacons of hope, reminding us all that even from kitchen tables, impactful initiatives can resonate across borders, bringing people together in a shared journey of appreciation and action.

A short documentary was created about the project which went on to be shortlisted for a film festival award you can see that here.

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